CCRadio is a radio program hosted by the various members of Casual Collective. The group in charge of hosting these radio shows is CCRadio. Curent DJs include (As of 13th July 2008):

  • Skintkingle (Head DJ)
  • MrsCritters
  • Carl
  • WalesAlex
  • Geno123
  • Elzeothis
  • Balneger
  • CSFont
  • DickNervous
  • Geer
  • FreckleFoot
  • Fredward
  • Alycia
  • HeyLuke
  • JLRogers
  • TheHunter1337
  • Wishbear

The radio show mainly comprises of different types of play lists chosen by the DJ, which may range from funky '60s music to the latest pop songs on the market. Surprisingly, MrsCritters' shows tend to get the most hits, especially the one before New Year, which brought in loads of people listening.

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